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Steven Turek Vortrag

Speaker - Workshops - Lectures

Steven Turek - Live

With experience from over 50 professional development courses both domestically and internationally, Steven Turek is considered one of the most renowned instructors, nationally and internationally. His expertise ranges from concrete tactical analyses and on-field demonstrations to keynotes on leadership and performance!


"It was worth taking the journey again. Steven always brings up points that make me rethink and learn anew. Thank you very much for this day." - Participant from Großefehn

Straightforward organization!

A simple message from you is enough; we will get in touch and together, we'll arrange the perfect event!

Passionate about football!

Whether it's at the clubhouse...

Where it all began, Steven is regularly present: Whether it's in teaching sessions for the local football association or in workshops for enthusiastic amateur clubs - Steven gives back!

Moreover, he is sought after at conferences and workshops, and lately, he has become a regular guest at the Association of German Football Teachers, be it in a digital or practical setting!

  • ​Keynotes

  • Workshops

  • Congresses

  • Practicals

Feedback Präsentation

"In practice, it's about small details that make the difference. And that's something Steven excels at like few others."

Participant from Verden

Global experience from China, Dubai, and many more.

...or an international presentation.

Steven has already participated in workshops, presentations, and conferences in nearly a dozen countries, presenting in English to both associations and professional clubs. Each journey brought him unique experiences about the country, its people, and football! He now incorporates this acquired experience into his daily practice, publications, and presentations in his home country.

Feedback Dubai

"Steven's way of presenting is as substantively sound as it is engaging!"

Participant from Dubai

Associations, clubs, and institutions.

Our presentations are regularly supported by strong partners! This allows us to provide participants with products related to football!

What we can do for you!


Steven offers presentations on numerous tactical or practical topics. Whether it's a small club, a congress, or a globally operating company, he can cater to all!


The truth lies on the pitch - that's where Steven loves to be. He presents small and large game formats - but always with a focus on the details!


Modern formats like Blended Learning, workshops spanning multiple days, or long-term support. Just ask us!

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Steven Turek Präsentation

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