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Steven Turek

in Slovakia

130 Pro and Academy Coaches

Coaching Course for and with Professionals

The connection could not have been better. In the evening, Steven Turek took the invitation to the international team Slovakia against Malta and saw a game of the Slovakians against a low-block team from Malta. The next day, he presented "attacking against low block teams" in theory and practice on this topic.

130 Pro and Academy Coaches

The Slovakian Association invited almost 100 coaches, primarily from the first and second national league. First, Steven Turek presented the theory of the game against low-block teams, presented different principles using scenes from top football and prepared his later practical session.

Peter Schreiner also gave a lecture on "Penetration-Passes".

Field Session with the first Team of DAC

The practical session took place in the near stadium of DAC Dunajská Streda. As a demonstration group, players from the current first team of Streda were available and rounded off the very professionally organized

About the Course

"It could not have been better: In the evening, our national team is playing against Malta's low-block, and the next day we would be listening to the topic of how we could have done better. A truly convincing presentation in theory and practice by Steven"

— Ladislav Bobely (Organisator)

event. In about 60 minutes Steven Turek showed different large and small sided games, that develop the game against teams with a back four or a back five.


The seminar was accompanied by two television stations, as well as the club television and was also advertised and mentioned in the preliminary report for the World Cup qualifying game. (You can find a section on Youtube in the lower part of this page)